photographic series / Urban Safari Menagerie


Urban Safari Menagerie  
 photographic series   1999 - 2016


Lamb   Florence

Seal   Shoreditch London

Monster   Tolouse

Bird   Deptford London

Cock   New York

Monkey   New York

Lamb   Dalston London

Eagle   Oxford

Shell   Vienna

Guerrilla   London

Liver Bird   Liverpool

Unicorn   London

Monsters   Nice

Ant   Mercia

Lobster   Kensington London

Lion   Venice

Sea Horse   St. Marie de la Mare

Elephant   Frankfurt

Devil   Tolouse

Snail   Tolouse

Pig & Bear   Woodbridge

Started in 1999 this photographic series is tasked with recording representations of animals in the urban environment.


Seek, travel, hunt, collect...


What are you looking for? What do u need? Are you in a magic realm?

What do these representations of animals mean?


Is it a secret langauge? Are they magic totems? A pagan repression? Do they ward off evil? Is it a love of the natural world? Is it a game? Is it...


Pig & Bear  Woodbridge 2016