The Centre of Attention / Swansong

Swansong /
Schwanengesang /
Kugu Sarkisi



The Centre of Attention

A catafalque surrounded by art works. Still lives. A vase of lillies. An operative at a computer. The light is subdued.


  The opperative approachs you and explains what we have to offer.

 'Would you like to select some music, then lie down and rehearse your funeral?'

 What would you choose for your swansong?


 The music fills the space while you the visitor lay on the catafalque / plinth.


As you lie in repose, in state, your staus is elevated to that of a work of Art.


Frankfurt  2007

Lillies  2007

Venice Biennale Arsenale  2005

Plymouth Arts Centre UK  2007

Zurich Schauspielhaus Schiffbau  2007

Istanbul Modern  2007

Venice Biennale Arsenale  2005

Toronto Art Fair  2005