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Painting / Portrait Series  


head 2014
gladys 09
Oreet 10
lady 09
portrait of p performance
april 09
Oliver 10
Tai Shani 09
Portrait Painting Series
2009 - 2015

Head of Moreno  2014

Portrait of Gladys  2009

Portrait of Oreet  2010

Portrait of a Lady  2010

Portrait of the Zeitlers  2010

Portrait of Pierre  2011

Portrait of Mme Coinde 2011

Portrait of April  2010

Portrait of Oliver  2010

Portrait of Loulou  2012

Portrait of Tai Shani  2009



Between 1999 - 2009 the house of o’dwyer produced a different series of paintings each year. This incuded:

The Truffle Series / 2008

Hanged Man Series / 2007 

Tape Painting Series / 2006

Each series has been borne from an exploration of ideas around the activity of painting. They constituted an on-going interrogation and desire to discover what painting is.


Llinking all the work created by the house of o'dwyer is the self-consciousexamination of the practice and consumption of Art.


What is painting? What is it for? An object of contemplation? Representation of external reality? Decoration? Internal reality? Status symbol? Graphic design? Entertainment?...


The oldest portraits discovered are more than 14,000 years old. These engravings on stone slabs were found at La Marche, Vienne, France.


The portrait subjects are friends, family, artists and other performers.

All works in this series: acrylic on fabric: Dimensions: 60cm x 76cm

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