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house of odwyer  / 2013 

Farewell tour, Celine,



Farewell tour, Celine,
they think we’re wusses

fashionable page turners

shop and bop till you drop


Not all black and white

cream tease
from rags to richness,


in the footsteps of the wise men
well chosen words, the gloves are on keep it simple, the walking wounded swinging in the rain


spiced up in Kerala
life, the universe and everything California dreaming, shaky foundations hide and seek
seeds of hope



house of o'dwyer /  2012




A week inside India’s media boom

early roles can cast a giant shadow

the English are appallingly confused

it’s the accessory stupid

retouched for the very first time

the investment biker
illustrious illustrator
gamble in the jungle

is cinema losing its grip?

Peer pressure
Dads army
the soviet sphere

on the love trampoline
in the mind’s island
the devil to pay
everything I make up has to be plausible

stage fright

vive le Roi du rock n roll

architect of the grand manner

cause celebre on Capitol Hill

new sounds for old
all astir in Paris
when perfection isn’t enough

lost in space in the suburbs.


house of o'dwyer / 2012 

In Byron’s footsteps



Under the influence the consensus on Europe is in freefall

public image versus private finance, the mother of invention

a question of sportswear, award winning fashion

an inside job in Las Vegas.


Full steam ahead, ruler of Britannia, engine of humanity

what lights beneath, droughts, deluges, and raging debates

spies like us, flights of fancy, nude dimensions

northern soul, infinite possibilities, a young person’s guide to the choir

Rothko’s homecoming, censors and sensibility

first nations fire warning shots, maple leaves on the line

art from the ashes.



house of o'dwyer  2013

Wandering Star



I never talk about my bad traits, glamour from a Gilda age

jewel personalities, London calling

mix and match of the day

beyond the beach, Switzerland without skis

the demolition man, unsteady odyssey street of shame

human capital every breath you take defensive

behaviour odd to ominous, not just another maestro

an artist finds his groove, folk of ages

avant-garde explosion, pay up, pay up and play the game

let the field of the mind fall fallow

please hang up and try again.

from forthcoming book

by the house of o'dwyer

For the Baroness




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