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Moving Image / Portraits

Portrait of Gur P.

'What are you saying? What are you doing? Is it a photo shoot?

Is it a video portrait? Is it a screen test? Is it simulacra?

Is it surface? Is it depth? Is it a dance?

Is it symbolic? Is it reality? Is it fashion?

Is it production values? Is it mime? Who is performing?

Who’s playing who? Is it a pathological? Is it voyeuristic?

Is it exquisite? Is it for the hell of it? Is it decoration?

Is it exploitation? Is it a bad pun? Is it exhibitionist?

Is it movement, colour, sound, fascination?

Is it bogus? Is it conceptual? Is it a love story?

Is it archetypal? What is dramaturgy? 

Where am !? Who is he? It’s not personal?

Is it?'

Princess Portrait


Thanks to Dark Island Dance, Isabella Efstathiou and choreographer Charlie George

Bust Head Portrait  


Where is the performance? Where is the action? Bergsonian time? 

One of a series of films reflecting on ideas of portraiture, subject / object, action and Time.


Thanks to Josh Q. 

Recorder Player 


Film exploring portraiture, performance and illusion, model / artist dynamic, photography and the nature of Art.


Thanks to Ernest and Rio Cinema.


Portrait of Martine P.   



Film exploring portraiture, performance, illusion, portraiture, model / artist dynamic, photography and the nature of Art.


thanks to Martine Painter and @notwGallery

Portrait of Miles C.


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