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At Home with the Ludskis

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Previously: At Home with the Ludskis No.13

Coming soon!
Sat 25th May 2019
11.30 pm - 2.00 am

At Home with the Ludskis

15th Edition: Sublimated Secrets
Rio Cinema
107 Kingsland High St
Hackney, London
Get EarlyBird Tickets here for £10 (+free drink)
At Home with the Ludskis is a melange of Artist's films, performance, music, installation, curation, and experimentation.
    New work from young and emerging Artists and from the old and established as well as reapraising lost treasures.
    The Ludskis seek to atomisie and re-combine the Arts that are the building blocks of film making. That means we must include all the Arts.
    If you wish to be considered submit proposals and links to your work be it film, performance, music or other to  Babushka Ludski at: theludskis @ gmail . com

     The Ludski's curatorial mission stems from an ongoing critical interrogation of art, film, performance, psychology, delusion, politics and philosophy.

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