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Loki dog




The trip to Snape Maltings





Part 1


During the summer holidays

I never know from day to day,

what’s the heck is gonna happen.


Last night my family went,

off to another land

Sad face.


I had a whole day on my own,

stuck in the house,

until Granddad came by.

He had brought my favourite snack.

Steak lumps.

Happy Face.


I stayed up late wondering

would my humans be back tonight?


I fell asleep on the couch.

Hehe! That is a big no-no in my house.


I'm Loki the Hungarian Vizsla.

That's what they tell me.

Do i really vizsla like an Hungarian?

I have no idea what it means!

Just call me Lokidog.


In the morning after a good stretch and scratch,

I made sure the house was safe.

I had a look in all the rooms.

I had forgot everyone had gone.

It was very quite without my humans,

especially my four brothers.


I spent the day taking naps on each member of the packs bed.

Except top bunk. I cant get up the ladder.

Ully tries to help me up sometimes.

He's one of my funny brothers.

But ladders are not for me.


I do miss the stink of my family.


Later, i heard a car turn into the lane and head up to my house.

The front door opened and i did a little dance of excitement on

seeing it was the one we call Uncle G.


We said hi and he joined in my dance of excitement.


Did he come to see my family?

Did they flee when they heard he was on his way?

Humans are funny like that.

(And don't even mention flees!)

Or does he need my protection?

I think he’s in need of my protection.

My family like to keep me working.

Holiday over.

 It looks like it's me and the G man for a couple of days.


After our greetings and no signs of snacks

I patrolled the garden. i needed to monitor

the situation, regarding territorial invasion

and fam protection,

and a general, What are you lot up to in the bushes?


When I hear the grey tops car arrive,

i run around and check in with them.

I give them some bark, woof! and let them know,

I got the situation in hand.


They do their weird squeaky barking.

Strokes, sniffs and pats all-round.

No snacks so I leave them to it.


When they get together they can sometimes bark

and whine and squeal all night.

Don’t mind me, trying to sleep in the corner.


Out of the blue the grey tops start calling my name.

What do u want? i ask.

They ask me do you want to go to Snape Loki.

Hell yeah do I! I let out a little howl.

I love getting out and about and meeting new dogs.

I did get so excited I had to run off and do a wee on the grassy knowl.


We climbed into the car, the two grey tops, Uncle G and me,

and drove off through the country lanes,

to little old Snape Maltings.


While they whined, barked, squealed at each other,

I had my head stuck out the window.

I do like a refreshing breeze,

Cools me off,

and blocks out my human's jibba jabba.




to be continued...

Loki Dog the Hungarian Vizsla


and his Loki dog tales 











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