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photographic series  /  Lacrimatoio

LisbonTear 2012 Proof.jpg
2014-03-21 21.52.30_edited.jpg
2015-feb-03 penguins.jpg
2014-july-19 19.29.55.jpg
2014-july-10 03.24.32.jpg
2014-sept-18 goggle.jpg
2014-06-02 00.48.29.jpg
photographic series
2013 - 2016

26/ 04   2015

Portugal   2013

21/ 03   2014

Penguins   2015

Big screen   2015

Eastender   2014

Alzheimers   2014

02/ 06   2014


An individual was recruited by the house of o'dwyer to take a picture every time they cried. It could be tears of joy or despair.


Would anything be revealed gathering this catalogue of tears?

Collecting what moved a person and the environment they were in, in which they could or would cry would produce a portrait of the individual subject.

Crying. Why the tears?


Where are you?

Disgust. Horror. No respite.

Sentimentality. Biology. Hormones.

Not in the right mind. Pity. 

Rational response to the grotesque.

An unbalanced mind. Possessed.

Secret fears.

The world is it self. What I can’t do?

What you didn’t do?


Art photography can often seem cold, self-satisfied, drear. Arrangements of colour closer to interior design than art. Tidy. A fetish for the past. What would the opposite be like? Low craft. Emotional. Awkward. Expressive.

Are we avoid something with the glacial fetish for design?


In these photographs I attempt to pursue an unconsciously constructed aesthetic, akin to that of the scientific and anthropological. I work in the field; collecting on the go and analyzing and classifying in repose.  


Like other of my photographic projects, (Flowers, Urban Safari Menagerie, DAS) they ask:  

Has Art become a parlour game?

Are we all deluded? 

Is coherence over-rated?


The wellsprings of creativity, ideas of objectivity, tradition and the Post-contemporary are all yoked together. 


The creativity of ‘non creatives’ and expression in areas not regarded as high art interests me as i explore definitions of Art


A Lacrimatoio is a bottle for collecting tears.

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