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photographic series / Graffiti Dick

marseille figure2015.JPG
murcia 30004
shoreditch 2
Graffiti D Liverpool 8
Graffiti D Edinburgh EH1
Graffiti Dalston E5
Graffiti snow E8
Graffiti D 75006 Paris
Graffiti D Shoreditch E2 98

Graffiti Dick   

photographic series

1998 - 2016


Marseille 13006    2015

Murcia 30004    2010

Shoreditch E1    1998

Liverpool 8    2008

Edinburgh 11    2011

Dalston  E5    2009

Dalston  E8    2010

Paris  75006    2006

Shoreditch  E2    1999



This series of photographs captures images of Graffiti penises found in public space and civic precincts.


The title of each contain the postcode / area code of where the pictures were taken, highlighting an idea of a function for these phallic symbols, a marking out of territory.


What is being depicted? Art? Vandalism? Territorial markings? Orgy of the erotic? Phallocentrism?


Is it an eruption through the fabric of the social arena of the driving spirit of the ‘Freudian Man’?


The series represents the persistent and universal importance of the erotic and it’s inevitable crudeness. 


The conflict between ideas of man as a will to power (Adler) versus the will to sex (Freud) informs the work, as does the notion of sublimated eroticism in art.


Rodin claimed to sculpt with his cock.


Like other photographic projects by o'dwyer, the series is consciously similar to a game, as well as an anthropological project.


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