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photographic series / Flowers

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flowers 2012.JPG
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Clapton Sq 14
Venice Flowers Sm


F l o w e r s

photographic series

2003 - 2016


the house of o'dwyer

Vienna   2007 
Stamford hill London   2007
Deptford London   2012
Stamford Hill London   2006
Snowdonia   2005
Brighton   2005
Hackney London   2005
Paris   2004
Bethnal Green London   2004
Clapton Sq London   2014
Venice   2005


Everything is Art,

and everything we do is Art.

Art is to do.

Everything around the world and beyond

is one collective installation.

The Flower series documents the use people put flowers to

in public spaces and social precincts. 

Often of course they commemerate the tradgedy of death.

Flowers have been part of funeral rites for thousands of years. 

Flowers commemorate death but also other transformations.

Flowers represent beauty and sensual delight

as well as lifes brevity.

Flowers is a meditation on the work of

Jan Brueghel the younger, Chardin, Manet,

Warhol and Mapplethorpe.

A tradition of flower painting belongs to the world of science also, and combines careful observation and classification.

I collect, examine, classify this element of human activity.

The aesthetic of these photographs is one of on the run,

in combat, embedded, fleeing from death..

Flowers, symbolism and death.

Stamford Hill   2007

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