photographic series /  The Dream of the Red Room

The Dream of the Red Room
photographic series  2004 - 2016
the house of o'dwyer



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Colony Room



Martine P

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Stratford East

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Mr Hume


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Dream of the Red Room

'...Perception coloured. A miasma. Seeing red. 

Glamour, danger, anger, horror,

terror, hot, erotic.

A single point of view. A containment. A curse.

Scenes preserved in amber aspic.

A stain. A brothel. Theatrics.

Delusion. Objectivity prevented. 

  Passion blinding, distortion, reality.

The desire. The pursuit. The capture.

Trapped mentality, disorientating. A glass bell ...'



The photographs in this series by hood, are an attempt on one level to replicate the delight of a child looking at the world through the coloured glass of a perfume bottle found on mother’s dressing table.


   Or looking at the world through a translucent coloured sweet wrapper.


  The filter exists as both a medium in which to preserve and trap images. It is also a barrier to reality.

  Back in the day, in horror films, to signify the monster's point of view the scene could be shot with a red filter and a hand held camera.

  The Dream of the Red Room is a series that reflects on and represents distorted perception, strong emotion and the flight from reality.