Dalston Ballet Company

by Dalston Ballet Company


May 25th 2015

Camden People's Theatre

Hampstead Rd


Dalston Ballet Art Dance Film
Part of You Are Already Dead


Dalston Ballet Company featuring:


Jo Cork

Lee Fukke 

Miles Coote 

Mika Hockman


Phonometricians / Musicians

Rckay Rax

Sepy Baghaei


director / choreography

house of o'dwyer


director of photography

Alexandra Boanta


photographs by 

Matthew Smallwood

What are our priorities? Keeping it together? Maintaining face? Keeping it real? 

  As we construct stories numerous voices and protagonists compete for our attention. Who wants the spotlight? What are you to me? Are you ready for your close-up? 

  Using physical theatre, experimental digital sound, dance and film the aim has been to explore, amongst other things, ideas of archetypes, persona and dramaturgy in social sciences as well as in theatre.

  Thanks to all the artists for their dedication and creative collaboration.

  Check out the film version of Superimpose below:

next performance coming soon