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Dalston Ballet Performances & Exhibitions 

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Dalston Ballet Company

Devising work for live performance and film.

Think Ballet Russe crossed with the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, for our post-contemporary times!


 Dalston Ballet creates work for film and live performance.

 By dance Dalston Ballet mean any movement, in any vocabulary and any genre; from physical theatre, street dance, mime, martial arts, untutored, etc.

‘Through dance we can say what cannot be said’

 Dalston Ballet is a Rainbow tribe of race, genders, age, abilities and rage. Professional and non-professional artists work together examining archetypes, construction of persona and alter egos, and the nature of story telling.

 Dalston Ballet is a space for devising performance inspired by avant garde music, the human body, costume, the individual, movement, ideas and light.

As well as Artist’s motivations, and the production and means of consumption, notions of art as a tool to generate new perspectives, provoke discourse and as a catalyst for change and collaboration are navigated. Why do we live the way we do? What to change?

If the aim is social engineering we must understand the properties of the material we are using, the nature of humanity.

Specially commissioned electronic scores, created and devised in collaboration with composers and choreographers, explore tension between truth and artifice, the individual and the persona, vulnerability and confidence.

Coming up...


Live performances

October 4th    Action Pulpeuse no.5


New Projects Gallery

more info here:

October 14th     Miranda

Ace Hotel Shoreditch


100 Shoreditch High St., London E1 6JQ

 See the all new 2016 season of work created by Dalston Ballet Co. with performers on our Visiting Associate Artists programme.

A Noh heroine, guide to the underworld, to reveal the shadow and dichotomy

of union and fertility, and the Rainbow tribe gathers, conscious of strength and innocence and power, and the elegant aliens do course through, as the chanteuse in the twighlight world, one last song, before it all floats away… oblivion.


Event details:


October 21     Fan Riot


Chisenhale Dance Space 

Artistic Team

Director / Choreographer



Visiting Associate Artists


Rckay Rax

Yumi Hara

Miles Coote

Lee Fukke


Hana S

Mika Hockman

Alvin Jedus Hansen

Kam Wan

The Centre of Attention

Peter Noh




To find out more about Visiting Associate Artists and

Dalston Ballet workshops,




Are we not all Performance Artists?


Dalston Ballet



Bareback Museum


Charing Cross Hospital






York University


Dalston Ballet Company

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