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I believe some writers deserve to be hung

in a beautiful bespoke handmade

artisan vegan enviromentally sound frame

like those below.

Any questions about this, that, or the other contact me

Gar @ houseofodwyer . com

                   blue pink bespoke frame / French Cinema - £16

My name is Gar. You might have guessed, i'm an artist and i loves books. Are you a book cover lover too? Cool. So maybe you have been lookng for a frame for some of your all-time favourite books? 


   A lot of work and thought goes into a book cover design. It deserves to be displayed.

   Alas, I could not find anything that would allow me to display my most adored books and hang them on the wall and allow me to access them if i wanted to read them, look at a picture, check a quote etc.


   So i had to design and make one. 

grey and pink bespoke frame / A Season in Hell - £19 

grey pink bespoke frame for Un Chant d'amour -  £29




We all have a book or two that mean a lot to us. So why not give it pride of place, with a bespoke artisan frame for your own personal favourites.

 The frame i have designed makes it increadible easy to hang and uniquely easy to retrieve the book anytime you wanna read it. It also protects the book.


 Email me any quiereis, dimensions, comments, suggestions for books and or frame colours.


 Iconic covers need icon treatment.


 All the books here are from the library of the house of o'dwyer.


 Speak soon,

   Gar /  house of o'dwyer

pink light blue bespoke frame / William Morris - £21 / together

Email me suggestions for books to frame. It can be for the cover, the content or the effect it had on you.



pink blue bespoke frame / Drag - £49

pink bespoke frame / Gillbert & George, A Portrait

grey brushstrokes / Books Do Furnish a Room - £16

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