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The Centre of Attention

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pose plastique murcia 2010
Action Diana bute
famine road
Action Diana
pose plastique nobel
Nicolas Schoffer

The Centre of Attention

1999 - 2016

Swansong Venice      2005

Winnebago (Birmingham)      2007

Le Discorde (Zwietracht) Glasgow      2007

Pose PlastIque (Murcia)      2010

Action Diana / Mount Stuart (Isle of Rothsey)      2009

Famine Road (Dublin)      2008

Darling / Goteborg      2007

Pose PlastIque (MK Gallery)      2009

Winnebago (Cologne)      2008

Studio of Nicolas Shoffer      2005

The Miracle of Limerick      2006

Pose PlastIque (Geneva)      2008

Centre of Attention Logo      1999

The Miricale of Limerick      2006

Is it a Gallery?
Is it an institution? 
Is it an Artist?
Is it a curator? 


What, who, why, is the Centre of Attention? 


Founded in 1999 by Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde, The Centre of Attention began in a warehouse space in Cottons Gardens, Shoreditch, London. The peripetetic gallery / curatorial concept has since travelled internationally, including exhibiting in the Venice Bienale in 2005.


The Centre of Attention exists as a challenge to recieved notions of the gallery in the 21st Century and has created its own space fillers, installations, produced film, and made interactive and particpatory work



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