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Dalston Ballet Company

Qila R - Cracked actor  2017

 Dalston Ballet Co. 


Making the disciplines cross

Dalston Ballet is a collaboration between the house of o’dwyer and a variety of artists, performers, musicians, dancers on our

Visiting Associate Artist's Programme,

to produce work for film, installation and live performance.

Creating a range of work, from the short and punchy,

to longer participatory projects, allowing audience to drop in or out as they wish.

Explore what can not be said 

Challenge conventions of genre.

Emotion and individuality. 

Skill, didacticsm and uniformity.

'the body is the mind'


'We seek to explore ideas around narrative, performance, dramaturgy, identity and persona,

through movement, different performance genres,

visual art and experimental sound and music and costume.

We are currently involved in a number of projects

and continue to seek candidates

for our Visiting Associate Artists programme, including performers, dancers, artists, musicians, cinematographers,

singers, producers, crew, venues, etc.

for collaboration.

Contact Gar for more info  and to get involved


dalstonballet @ gmail . com

Marine 2016 / performed by Lee Fukke





Dalston Ballet's first outing in a theatre setting.


performers:   Jo Cork, Lee Fukke, Miles Coote, Mika Hochman

Composers /Musicians:   Rckay Rax, Sepy Baghaei

Director / Choreography:   House of O'Dwyer,  Jo Cork

Director of Photography:   Alexander Boanta

Producer:   Gar / Dalston Ballet

Puppet Mistress / performed by Mika Hockman in Superimpose

at Camden People's Theatre

photograph Matthew Smallwood

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