h a ʊ s   ɒ v   o ː  ˈ d w a ɪ ə r


A r t i s t 

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2020 march

transition two

110 Lauriston Rd, Hackney, London E9 7HA

12 - 6pm 

picture palace


PREVIOUSLY       2019

Sat 25th May - 11.30pm - 2.00 am

Dalston Ballet @ 

At Home with the Ludski!s  No.15

 Sublimated Secrets -

Art live music performance film happening!

Rio Cinema, Hackney, London

What is At Home with the Ludskis?


Shaun Caton - Samuel Beckett - Winnie the Pouf
Mika Hockman - DamnDirtyDuke - David Richter
Dalston Ballet - Hamauchater - Tim Stevens
Kerry Baldry - Marcus Davidson & Kam Wan
Marcus Liversedge - Anna Neil - Dan Allen

Hayley Holden - more tbc


tickets >


come join the masquerade

Sat 18th May 2019

Dalston Ballet - Rose Tarot, Vout-O-Reenes,

5 year anniversary Surrealist Ball

The Crypt, 30 Prescot St, London, E1 8BB

Sat.13th April 2019 : 

Dalston Ballet - Pimlico Tarot Vout-O-Reenes, 

The Crypt, 30 Prescot St, London, E1 8BB


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Missy's pop-up-book-shop

returning soon, every Friday / Saturday 

Opp. Pearl in Hackney Wick,



Northampton Square Tarot

2018, Dalston Ballet,

with Rckay Rax and Gar O




5th July

Novel Studio  -  City, University of London

12 new writers read from debut novels 

including  Gar O'Dwyer




Tue 19th June  8pm Free  

Naked Folk present Dalston Ballet Co. Biddle Bros. Clapton, Hackney, London 





オ ド ワ イ ヤ ー

   h o u s e   o f   o d w y e r

 A l p h a b e t a 



a c t       a c t o r       analysis       a r t 

 b o d y        b u s t        b u t 

  c h o r e o g r a p h y       c u r a t o r i a l 

 d a n c e         d i g i t a l           d r a m a t u r g         d r a w i n g 

 e x h i b i t i o n   -   m a k i n g         e x u b e r a n c e 

 f a k e      f r a m e       f i l m 

 h e a d    h o o d

 i n s t a l l a t i o n           i n v e s t i g a t i o n 

 j o l i 


 l a n g u a g e         l y r i c s 

 m a s k         m a s q u e r a d e           m e a t         m o v i n g   -   i m a g e

 n o u m e n a l 

o b j e c t

 p a i n t i n g           p e r f o r m a n c e           p e r s o n a

 p h i l o s o p h y         p h o t o g r a p h y         p o r t r a i t

 p o w e r

 q u e s t         q u e e r

 r e v o l t         4           r  e e l

 s  e x         s i t u a t i o n         s y m b o l i c         s t a t u s

 t e  x t       t  a n a t a  l u s       t e r p s i c h o r d


 v o y a g e         v i d e o         

 w r i t i n g         w r i t h i n g       

 x         y         z 





 ア ー ト

2018 Dalston Ballet MAFAIR TAROT Sketch, London 

curated performance analysing, music, archetype, portraiture, to discover now. 



22nd March -  

 Dalston Ballet - Scivers @  Queen Adelaide of Cambridge Heath


13th Feb - 19th March

 Missy's Pop-up-book-shop various venues abandoned books and

dancing dog - all under one church roof. woof!

9pm Thursday 15th Feb:

 Missy's pop-up-ping again with her peripatetic bookshop for Scivers at Queen Adelaide of Cambridge Heath

Missy's pop-up-book-shop 

Previously >

friday 9th feb launch of Missy's Pop-up-book-shop at amazing bohemian art club Vout-o-reenees




Dec 16th 2017 - Dalston Ballet at Duckie   

Nov -  Dalston Ballet Collaboration with RB: 


Oct -  Tarot by Dalston Ballet at Rosemary Branch Theatre


Sept 3rd  -   Farr's School of Dancing


Aug 1st - Dec 31st  - every tuesday 

dalston ballet workshops,  

Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

Dalston Ballet at...
Sep 03, 2017, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Farr's School of Dancing,
17 - 19 Dalston Ln, London E8 3DF, UK



17th nov - vout o reenees

31st Oct - Rosemary Branch dreeatre

27th oct - vout o reenees

3rd sept - vout o reenees Fri April 7th - dalston ballet @ Hackney Showroom


Sat 11th Feb - Dalston Ballet  at Matthew Glamorre's  SCISM




14th Oct - Live performance at Miranda, Ace Hotel  London: 


21st Oct  - Chisenhale Dance for  Hail Hail Hail Party Hail



Instagram  > house of o'dwyer

Dalston Ballet  >  https://www.facebook.com/dalstonballet/


 studio  #hood Belsham Street, Hackney, London