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Film and Beyond

Resources are tight right!
So let's join together to create an informal community of filmmakers, writers, musicians, performers, poets, artists, etc.,
and potentially provide one another with support and collabs and produce, make and share our work.


Film and Beyond

2021 - 2022

The Monthly night of live music
short film, performance, spoken word, moving-image, art, poetry and more.

1st June 7.30pm - 10pm    
  First Wednesday every month     

LOCATION:    Biddle Bros.

Hackney, London
E5 0QR

Curated by GarMika

live music, short film, performance, poetry, art moving image

Gur Arie Piepskovitz  by  the house of o'dwyer   (2015)

u b m i s s i o n s


 for future Film and Beyond nights,.

send proposals, videos, etc. to: 

filmandbeyondfest @ gmail . com 


1st Wednesday of the month

May 4th

April 6th

March 2nd

Feb 2nd

Musicians - Artists - Performers -

Film Makers - Poets - Collaborators 


* * *


Louisa Amorim

Dalston Ballet

David Beesley


Ofer Bashan

Mika Hockman

Duska and Dave

Gavin Pearce

Brunel Barrister

888 / Oskar

Luke Jordan

Michael Gurhy

Jack Wormell

Mika Hockman

house of o'dwyer

Witch 1

Lyail Barr

Ofer Bashan

Mark Rodenhurst

Zeynal Ali

Dave Richter /


The Dory Perverts

Maryam Hashemi

Danyal Fox

Neil Luck

Shaquille Brathwaite-Blaggrove

Tamara von Werthern

Theodora Van der Beek 

Louisa Amorim

Rckay Rax

Duska Rad Krujer

Gilaed The Crowned 

Ignacio Masio


Mary Martin

Bad Lady

Tom Hockman

Julian Nichols

Rodrigo Mella 

Isabella McEvoy

Jaka Skapin

Jennifer E

Ciara Sherlock

Anna Maria Burdett

From the archives:

Harvey Sid Fisher

Isidore Isou

Maya Deren / Meshes of the Afternoon

Derek Jarmen / Jubilee 

Slava Tsukerman / Liquid Sky

Samuel Becket / Play

Jan Svankmajer / Greedy Guts

Klaus Nomi



You're so vain

Islands in the stream

Om pah pah

Killing me softly

Roll out the barrel

Dalston Ballet Co.  Ft.

performer- Lee Fukke 

music - Rckay Rax

Film and Beyond Fest. 


 2021 - 22